Sunday Bible Fellowship - Where God's Word Transforms Lives! 

Each week adults and kids of all ages attend one of our SBF groups where friendships are built and God’s word is taught. Just show up and make yourself at home. We have classes for all ages with a curriculum that is age appropriate and addresses culturally relevant issues. We would be honored to have you and your family. Sundays at 10am. Check out the list of SBF Groups that are meeting.

Fusion - Engaging Weekly Study of God's Word!

Fusion is for adults 50 and under with or without kids. This group is an engaging study of the stories of the bible. Though not a book by book, verse by verse study, it's a thorough presentation of God's word. Part of the D6 curriculum, every lesson focuses on one family theme found in a certain passage. Meets each week in Sanctuary @ 10am

Group Leader: Pastor Donald Viers

SBF Adult Bible Study - Addressing the Tough Subjects:

Each week this group is filled with those of all ages and backgrounds where the tough subjects are addressed through a Biblical view. This class meets Kid's Zone Area / Fellowship Hall / all are welcome.

Group Leader: Gary Slaven & Mike Wallin


Horizon / The Edge - Student Ministries:

The Horizon is a small group designed for ages 7th through 12th grades that challenges them to belong, grow, and serve. The Horizon group meets weekly during SBF at 10am Sunday mornings.

Group leader: Rich Marshall Jr, Jarrod Points, John Tokarczyk


First Steps / What's Next - New on your Spiritual Journey?

New on your Spiritual Journey? This group is just for you! Created specifically for new believers - this group can help answer many of the common questions & challenges faced daily. This group meets 4 times a year for 6 weeks. Look for DATE AND TIME OF NEXT CLASS. Sundays @10am.


Exploring the Old Testament - going deeper in God's Word:

This group takes studying God's word to the Next Level. It's a book by book, verse by verse, study of the books of the old testament. This group is perfect no matter where you are on your christian walk. You will be challenged to build a deeper foundation. Meets in Room 105

Group Leaders: Wilma Turner & Brenda Vargo


We Also Have Sunday School Classes For Ages:

Pre-school through 12th Grade